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What is PRP?

PRP, a treatment rich in platelets, is the process of re-injecting blood cells taken from the person into the tissues that need to be repaired. In order to accelerate the recovery of muscles and tissues and to eliminate problems such as hair loss, answers the question of what PRP is  because it is one of the effective treatment methods used today.

How is PRP Treatment done?

The application is generally completed in 30-40 minutes. The patient’s blood is collected in a tube and processed by separating it into components such as thrombocytes. For the question of what PRP is, it means a simple treatment of blood taken from individuals and transferred to tissues that need to be repaired by injection. The treatment method varies according to where the application is required and naturally, PRP prices differ accordingly.

Why is PRP Applied?

In general, the treatment method is used to accelerate the healing of damaged tissues and to reduce inflammation. PRP is a reliable method to accelerate tissue healing, end hair loss, and increase thrombocyte growth, and a successful treatment for these purposes.

Considerations after PRP

Not much care or attention is required after the treatment method, which provides the renewal of the skin and PRP prices vary according to the application area. It is necessary to use only regular sunscreen and not take a shower on the same day, while the expert’s recommendations should be followed. What is PRP is an effortless treatment and a very practical skin renewal aesthetic application.

Is PRP Stem Cell Therapy?

According to the opinions of therapists, it is correct to give a negative answer to the questions about whether PRP is a stem cell therapy. The number of platelets that initiate the process is increased. It provides recovery by structuring the cells that need to be repaired in the skin, but it is not a stem cell therapy. Since there is no stem cell therapy, PRP prices are also different from stem cell therapy.

How is PRP Obtained?

For the treatment method that does not contain any substance other than the person’s own blood, it is necessary to answer the question of what PRP is that it is definitely not a drug. It only affects the area that needs to be repaired as an effect and does not damage or affect the surrounding tissues. The substance obtained is only one’s own blood. Since it is a treatment made with the person’s own blood and does not contain a different substance, PRP prices are determined accordingly.

Can PRP be Applied to Other People?

In addition to being applied to the person, it has a feature that can be applied to other people. The advantage of applying it to other people is that the risk of getting diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis is eliminated. People who wonder about the question of what is PRP should know that the application must be done within a few minutes because it will gradually lose its effect.

How many Times and How is PRP Applied?

It is important to consult a specialist about how many times the application should be done, and there is no exact information. While a single application is sufficient for some people, it may be necessary to repeat 2-3 times for some people. In response to the question of what is PRP, it is important to apply it in several ways and to be performed under sterile conditions. The most common method of application is injection into the damaged area.

In Which Diseases Is PRP Effective?

The application, which is a treatment method, is effective in several ways and in the treatment of different diseases. What is PRP? It is the treatment method used to treat ailments in the area of plastic surgery, orthopedics and general surgery. PRP prices will be determined according to which disease it is applied for.

When Are The Results of PRP Treatment Seen?

The purpose of applying the treatment is based on the renewal of the skin. Generally, the patient sees the results of the treatment after 2-3 sessions. While the effects vary depending on the application, which also determines the price of PRP prices and the duration of its effect.

What Should I Do After PRP Is Applied?

In order to provide relief after the injections applied to the skin, ice application is recommended by the specialist physician and painkillers containing paracetamol can be used. Heavy sports should be avoided by doing simple exercises. After the process is over, information about what to do about the process should be obtained and clear information about PRP prices should be learned before the application.

Are There Complications and Side Effects for PRP Application?

Side effects such as bruising and swelling that come with the question of what PRP is, as in any aesthetic procedure, incur at a low rate and are temporary. The temporary side effects that occur can be reduced with the help of ice application and painkillers, and they will disappear within a few days. No allergic reactions occur because the procedure is carried out with the person’s own blood.

When Is PRP Hair Treatment Applied?

Hair loss of 100 strands of hair per day due to different reasons can be considered normal. The treatment method, which is an effective solution for more hair loss, can be easily commissioned by the person himself. This treatment method can be applied with hair mesotherapy, but since PRP prices will be different, it is necessary to get information in advance.

PRP Turkey Prices 2022

While PRP prices vary according to the method used as well as the selected application center, the method that should be applied by the specialist physician should be determined. Examination of the person by a specialist before the treatment will ensure that the treatment is correct and also determines the PRP prices. The patient’s genetic condition and skin type are the most effective factors in the determination of PRP prices.

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