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Lip Filling

What is Lip Filling?

The aesthetic procedures preferred by people who complain about the shape of their lips and who are not satisfied with the volume of their lips are called lip filling. The aim of  lip filling procedures is to give the lips the volume people want. This procedure ensures a natural appearance and voluminous lips. It is an aesthetic intervention preferred by those who want to have fuller and shapely lips, and it is a very practical and effortless procedure.

How is Lip Filling done?

A lip filling applications is an aesthetic procedure that is done with a small injection into lips. Local creams are applied to eliminate the feeling of discomfort or pain, and the area is numbed before the procedure.

Filling material containing hyaluronic acid is injected as much as needed using very fine needles and the application is completed after achieving the necessary shape, volume and fullness in line with the expectation of the patient. 15-20 minutes after the application, the patient can return to her social life. The procedure can be repeated after 6-12 months if necessary. The repeatability of lip filling is reflected economically on the patient.

Why is Permanent Lip Filling done?

Filling applications are preferred by people who are not satisfied with the deformity and thinness of their lips. Today, temporary filling applications are preferred in lip filling procedures. This is because the procedure is reversible in case of side effects or an undesirable situation.

Since this is not possible with permanent filling procedures, the patient can be informed by the specialist that the process can be renewed when necessary after the effect has passed. Lip filling prices vary depending on whether the treatment is permanent or not.

Lip Filling Treatment Methods

While determining the treatment method for the lip filling to be made varies depending on the expectation of the patient, it is important that specialist physicians make the application and perform the procedures with the appropriate devices in a center where quality filling materials are used.

The right treatment by experts in the field who are dermatologists or plastic surgeons ensures that the patients have a comfortable process without side effects. Since the different treatment methods will cause changes in lip filling prices, a specialist physician’s opinion should be sought at the decision making stage.

After Lip Filling

The experience of the specialist physician and the reliability of the center are very important in order to avoid health problems in aesthetic procedures. After lip filling applications, it is important to determine the lip volume well and to make the application in sufficient amount in line with this volume in order to achieve voluminous lips. The patient can return home after the application without taking time off for recovery and continue her social life on the same day.

After the procedures, the lip should not be moved much for the first 2 hours. The first 3 days after the procedures are very important and contact with hot water should be avoided for the first 3 days and antibiotic cream should be used against the risk of infection. Dental examination should be delayed and the area where lip filling has been applied must be protected against impacts. The bruising and redness that occurs is temporary and disappears spontaneously in a few days. The fact that it is an application that does not require hospitalization without a recovery period makes lip filling an affordable application.

Those with Natural Lip Fillers

Lip filling applications are one of the most effective aesthetic procedures when people are not satisfied with deformities and lip volume because they are short-term and painless procedures. People who have filler application will definitely follow the recommendations of the specialist physician and paying attention to the points to be considered afterwards will increase the permanence and eliminate the possibility of side effects.

The filling material and its quality cause a variable role in lip filling prices. Since the lips are given a natural volume after the treatment, a plump and natural appearance will be obtained instead of an artificial one. It is very important to choose a specialist and a reliable center in terms of the course of treatment In order to achieve this.

What are the Advantages of Needle Free Lip Filling?

Needle-free lip augmentation applications, which are performed without a needle, are aesthetic interventions preferred by those with sensitive skin since they do not cause hematoma like other aesthetic applications. Needle-free filling operations are fast and practical. Intervention is performed comfortably without any swelling and bruises that may occur after the application. The needleless aesthetic procedure using modern devices is safe and provides a great advantage for sensitive skin. Needle-free lip filling prices are slightly more expensive compared to other procedures in terms of cost.

How Long Does The Lip Filling Effect Last?

After filling procedures, it takes 1 week to see the full effect and complete the healing process. Although the duration of the effect varies depending on the filling material used and the treatment method applied to the patient, the effect of lip filling is between 6-12 months and the permanence period can be longer each time if the treatment is repeated. The reason for the temporary effect is that the hyaluronic acid injection can be absorbed by the body and therefore there is no permanent effect. Lip filling prices differ according to permanent or temporary effect.

Lip Filling Prices 2022

Just as giving an average price is not possible for any aesthetic procedure, lip filling prices also vary depending on some criteria. The procedure performed, the experience of the doctor and the location of the center are among factors that are effective for lip filling prices. It is very important to have a preliminary interview to get information about lip filling prices and to be examined by a specialist physician to get information about the process.

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