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Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox applications, which are new age obesity treatment methods, have been widely used for the last 15 years. This treatment, which does not require surgery, is applied endoscopically. As a result of being an endoscopic procedure, gastric botox prices are more reasonable than other operations.

What is Gastric Botox?

Nowadays, it is one of the most effective methods to lose weight and a demanded application to combat obesity without surgery. Gastric botox is a weight loss method performed by injecting special toxins into areas determined by endoscopic methods. The application, which is performed by tightening the stomach muscles and delaying the emptying of the stomach, is a method that helps people to lose weight easily by creating loss of appetite

How is Gastric Botox done?

Gastric botox applications intended to lose weight are carried out orally with an endoscopy device. It is frequently preferred by patients because it is a non-surgical method. In the procedure, which is completed in an average of 20 minutes without any incisions, the patient is put to sleep by the anesthesiologist and there is no pain. The patient can be discharged within a few hours by checking a specialist without the need to be hospitalized. Approximately 8 hours of fasting is required before gastric botox treatments, which are very safe and comfortable. The patient can be informed about gastric botox prices and the process once an examination and a special plan are prepared.

Who Is Gastric Botox Suitable For?

Gastric botox applications, which are an effective method to combat obesity, are suitable for people who cannot lose weight despite diet and exercise. In addition, it can be applied to people who have an ailment that prevents surgery. Suitability for gastric botox procedures should be determined and it is necessary to be examined by a specialist physician for this. It is a treatment method that helps people who want to lose weight in the weight loss process. It is an application that is not recommended for patients with a body mass index over 40 and who will not recover with the application of gastric botox by a specialist.

Those Who Have had Gastric Botox

The biggest effect seen in people who have had the application is the disappearance of the feeling of hunger 3 days after the procedure. After not feeling hungry for 4-6 months, the person should definitely manage the process of paying attention to his diet. The person can be discharged immediately after gastric botox and continues his life comfortably while losing weight.

It is the most common weight loss method among people because it is a safe application without any surgical preparation. People who have had the application say that gastric botox prices are reasonable.

Comments of Those Who Have had Gastric Botox

People can easily return to their daily lives within 3-4 hours after the application. It can be preferred because it is not a surgical operation and there are no side effects and complications. It can be safely applied to anyone who wants to lose weight, except those who are extremely obese. Gastric botox is the first application that people prefer in the weight loss process, as it is less costly.

Those Who have lost weight with Gastric Botox

People who reach the desired weight with gastric botox applications performed as a support in weight loss processes must take the recommendations of the specialist into consideration. The people who have lost weight must continue and not interrupt their diet. The recommendations of people who have lost weight with the application, which has the least danger compared to other weight loss methods and has a high success rate, should be taken into consideration. After seeing the success of this application in helping people lose weight, it is clear that it is an application that needs to be decided without much thought about gastric botox prices.

Does Gastric Botox have any side effects?

Botox applications are applied to reduce wrinkles on the skin under normal conditions and depending on the use. Although it has no dangerous side effects, the only patient group that cannot benefit from gastric botox, which is a very safe application, are those with muscle disease and allergies.

What Should Be taken into Consideration after Gastric Botox?

Patients can easily be successful in the weight loss process after their application. People must follow their diet and continue their diet during this process. There is a possibility of nausea after the application. Therefore, the patient can be kept under surveillance for a few hours and then discharged. Although there are no side effects related to application during pregnancy, it is not recommended by specialist physicians during this period.

How does it Difference from the Gastric Balloon?

Both methods have similar features and both are not surgical applications. Both methods are effective for 6 months and enable the loss of 15-20 kg. The biggest difference of the Botox application from the gastric balloon is that there is no second procedure, that is, noting needs to be removed like the balloon. Cramps and pains seen in balloon applications do not occur because nothing is placed in the stomach. Both methods are done in the same way and they are effective for 6 months. Gastric balloon and gastric botox prices differ.

Gastric Botox Turkey Prices 2022

The prices of gastric botox which depend on the hospital and physician expertise to be applied, should be learned by obtaining information from the specialist. A thorough research should be done and be examined while getting information about the process before the application. After the examination, the patient is informed about the price of gastric botox while a decision is made about the treatment to be applied. Knowing that all the treatment and details you will receive will affect the prices of gastric botox, the treatment process should be started this way.

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