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Plastic Surgery


When looking at the meaning of gynecology in the field of cosmetics, it is an application that is  very m..


Gastric Sleeve Surgery..

Today, they are the most common surgical procedures and are widely demanded among people as stomach reduction ..



The skin on the biceps of the arms is an area where sagging occurs over time and due to aging. Since sagging a..


Prominent Ear Surgery..

The condition that is manifested when the auricle is bent forward is among the problems that cause social and ..


Gastric Bypass..

This procedure is an application that restricts both food intake and food absorption. Due to the high success ..


Breast Reduction Turkey..

Breast Reduction Turkey Breast Reduction Turkey, which are an important detail in the female body, gain a mor..


Breast Lift Turkey..

Breast Lift Turkey Breast Lift Turkey, play a major role in the aesthetic appearance of the female body. Body..


Breast Augmentation Turkey..

Breast Augmentation Turkey Breast Augmentation Turkey, When viewed from the outside, the chest is one of the ..


Liposuction Turkey..

Liposuction Turkey, Istanbul Liposuction turkey, adapted from the Latin word lipo, is basically a fat removal..


Abdominoplasty Surgery..

What is Abdominoplasty Surgery? People who want to have a healthy body prefer to use methods that have emerge..

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