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What is Botox?

Many aesthetic procedures carried out for taut and smooth facial lines include the use of Botox. The most reliable and successful method to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines seen in some parts of the face is Botox. People who are afraid of going under the knife and are anxious about this issue, get smooth and tight facial lines thanks to Botox without any cutting involved. Botox prices are determined and announced in line with current transactions and prices.

Botox Usage Areas

Mostly Botox is used in the facial area. Thanks to Botox, which is preferred for removing wrinkles on the face, it is possible to achieve smooth and prominent facial features. Apart from that, Botox is also applied to the armpit area. The reason why it is preferred in this area is because it deactivates the sweat glands and puts and end to excessive sweating. Botox prices vary depending on the area of use.

Who is not suitable for Botox treatment?

In order to have Botox, the patient’s health condition must be suitable. Therefore, individuals with nerve and muscle diseases, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers cannot have Botox.

Botox Application Stages

Clear lines begin to appear on the face with the advancement of age. Visible lines and wrinkles occur especially between the forehead and eyebrows, around the eyes and lips. For a Botox application, the prepared substance is discharged into the muscles with the help of an injection into the application area. This process is applied to all the muscles in the application area with the help of a fine-tipped injector. Botox, which is a painless and painless procedure, shows its effect within 3-4 days. Botox prices are determined according to the number of areas to be treated.

After Botox Treatment

An anesthetic cream is used first for Botox. The prepared substance is applied to the areas on the face with the help of an injection. The Botoxed area should not come into contact with water for a certain period of time and the patient should rest.

The Benefits of a Botox Application

The most important benefit of a Botox application is that it relaxes people psychologically and gives them an aesthetic appearance. Apart from that, Botox removes annoying wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

When Does the Botox Effect Begin?

Wrinkles and fine lines are eliminated thanks to Botox. After the specially prepared mixture is injected into the knee?, it begins to take effect. Botulinum toxin injected into the area of wrinkles and fine lines begins to take effect within 3-4 days. Sometimes this process can take 5-6 days. Botox prices are determined according to the size of the area to be treated.

Does the Botox Treatment have any Side Effects?

Botulinum toxin used during Botox treatment is a highly toxic substance. It does not have any negative side effects if used with the right methods. However, it is dangerous enough to cause respiratory failure and death in individuals during improper use.

How Long Does the Botox Effect Last?

Botox, a reliable procedure, is also used to remove facial wrinkles. Those who receive Botox treatment for the first time experience this effect for five to six months. People who have Botox treatment regularly can benefit from a flawless face form for up to 1 year. Botox prices may differ according to the frequency of procedures.

Do Regular Botox Applications Have Any Benefits?

The most important benefit of Botox, which is preferred regularly to have a smooth face, is that the application process shows its effect for a longer time. As the rate of weakening seen in muscles increases over time, the effect of Botox increases.

Will My Wrinkles be much worse if I stop using Botox?

Quitting Botox, which is a non-surgical procedure, does not have any negative effects. Thanks to Botox, there will be a visible weakening of the muscles, so the wrinkles of the people will be reduced compared to the past.

What Should I Pay Attention when Having Botox treatment?

The Botox procedure must be performed by experienced people. An experienced doctor in this field who knows what he is doing, increases the success rate. Furthermore, any possible side effects that can be encountered during Botox treatment are eliminated. People who decide to have Botox treatment should get information about Botox prices first.

What sort of side effects can occur after a Botox application?

The substance used for the Botox application should be diluted and placed into the injector. The desired successful result is achieved with correct and careful methods. Possible side effects of Botox are as follows: Pain, swelling, redness, headache, nausea, temporary paralysis of the facial muscles called close muscles, weakness in vision, weakness in the body and speech problems. They are temporary.

Is Botox a Snake Venom?

The specially prepared Botox snake is harmless. This substance placed in the injector with dilution. Apart from that, this drug is good for the skin because it is protein-based.

Has Botox been Approved as a Medicine by the Ministry of Health?

Yes. Botox used for wrinkle treatment can be used safely because it is an approved drug by the Ministry of Health.

Does The Face Swell When Botox Is Applied?

During Botox procedures, swelling and edema, which are among possible side effects, can be seen depending on the skin types of the patients. However, the puffiness disappears completely after a while.

Botox Turkey Prices 2022

Botox prices are not covered by the SSI, as the Botox process is a special procedure preferred by individuals. Like aesthetic operations, Botox prices also vary depending on the size of the facial area. In addition, the features of the clinic and the experience of the expert are also effective in pricing.

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